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Apex is the student missions pipeline of the Evangelical Free Church of America. We exist to help local churches mobilize the next generation of gospel influencers who will take the gospel from here to everywhere. We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important news in the world; for it answers the deepest need for every human from every culture, tribe, tongue, and nation; namely, how to have a relationship with their creator.

We know and are saddened that there are still somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 Billion people that have little to no access of ever hearing the gospel of Christ. Along with that we also are concerned that the rate at which nations that do have sufficient gospel witness, are sending missionaries into the rest of the world is declining. This is not a reality we are comfortable with. The unreached of the world need the gospel just as badly as it did 50 years ago, and the rate at which workers are signing up for this critical task is not meeting the need.

That’s why Apex exists. To see the Lord send more workers into his harvest field.

We do this by offering students, who are the most sendable and teachable section of society, bite-sized missions opportunities where they can be challenged by needs outside their daily bubble, equipped by long-term laborers, and impacted by the power of the gospel as seen from a different cultural lens.

Our hope is that as students encounter a different city/culture/worldview, they will begin to be impacted not only by the need that exists in the world, but by God’s invitation to them to join Him in building His kingdom around the globe.

Dates for mission trips vary. Check out the opportunities and apply by clicking the button below. Registration closes on March 1.

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Cost: $ Per Person


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