Good For All Conference

What does it mean to really love your neighbor?

We want to connect with people who live and think differently than we do, and embrace the mission of Jesus right where we live. But with a culture that’s often at odds with what we believe, it can be intimidating to share our faith with skeptics, doubters, and spiritual explorers. How do we truly do good works, be good neighbors, and share the good news? The Good For All conference is a national conference on neighboring and evangelism that is held at Valley Church in West Des Moines, Iowa. The conference features speakers like Bob Goff (Bob Goff!!!), Hosanna Wong, and Rebecca McLaughlin

We are taking a group of outreach-minded individuals who are interested in hearing from nationally-recognized speakers and learning more about outreach and loving our neighbors well. We will head up to West Des Moines, Iowa on October 6th and return on October 8th.

At the conference, you can expect to learn from nationally-recognized speakers, experience passionate worship, and engage in practical sessions on reaching the people around you. You’ll leave the conference with a new vision and real, actionable steps to help you better love and reach those in your sphere of influence.

Cost: $150 (includes conference ticket and hotel expenses for Thursday and Friday nights)

Sound good? Sign up below! Questions? Email Rachel at

Registration closes September 15th.

Cost: $ Per Person


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