Doug Pogue

Doug Pogue



How did you first start to follow Jesus?

I started to follow Jesus after I realized that my scientific education was inadequate to explain the origin of life or the fundamentals of people. A friend of mine walked an authentic life following Christ in front of me and challenged me to dive into God’s Word and seek God earnestly. Over several years of studying the Bible and seeking Him I gave my life to following Jesus and changing who I was. It was the best decision of my life.


What do you love about First Free Church?

I love the people of First Free. For 22 years, my family has worshiped here, served here, played here, and loved here. We have been blessed by great mentors in our faith, leaders who created programs that helped us, and have been blessed by the joy of pouring into others ourselves and watching God change lives. Kid Connection and Student Ministries have played a special role in our lives, and we have loved serving there over the years. We are also grateful to have godly friends here that befriended our kids and spoke into their lives during critical times in their development. While we can worship God anywhere, we especially adore the people whom God has gathered together at First Free. This is why we call First Free our church home.


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