Worship Pastor

Worship Pastor

The Worship Pastor is responsible for overseeing and leading the worship leadership team, worship community, and worship gatherings at First Free Church. Our ideal candidate must be passionate about leading people in worship and leading others to lead people in worship.


Job Description:

The Worship Pastor is responsible for overseeing and leading the worship leadership team, worship community, and worship gatherings at First Free Church. This includes leadership development, coaching, budgeting, and overseeing multiple staff.

The ideal candidate must be a committed follower of Jesus who demonstrates an authentic walk with God and consistent spiritual disciplines. They must be a gifted leader passionate about developing other leaders, building leadership teams, and giving ministry away. They should also be skilled in vocal and instrumental performance, experienced with current worship music, and able to lead other vocalists and musicians.

The ideal candidate is a specialist in and has experience directing vocal and instrumental ensembles, building music programs in ministry, education, or professional environments, and is capable of creating custom arrangements for those ensembles. While they should be able to lead worship with authenticity and charisma in a large auditorium, they must also be focused on raising up other worship leaders and coaching them in leading several effective worship teams.

While this position does not require extensive technical productions, information technology, hospitality, or communications experience, the ideal candidate will be savvy and experienced in each of these areas enough to collaborate with staff who are proficient in these fields. The ideal candidate will have exceptionally strong leadership skills and be able to work cross-functionally
with multiple ministry areas.

This role reports directly to the Senior Pastor and works with him and the Pastoral Leadership Team on crafting vision and direction for the church especially in the Worship Ministry area. This role requires strong commitment, character, and passion for worship that will inspire others to follow and serve.

This position is a full-time, salaried position of approximately 50 hours per week and reports directly to the Senior Pastor under the Service Planning Channel. The First Free staff are structured in four ministry channels: Service Planning, Family Ministries, Discipleship, and Operations.

Overall Leadership  
  • Champion the doctrine, mission, and vision of First Free Church.
  • Serve on the Pastoral Leadership Team with the Senior Pastor
  • Oversee the Worship Ministry staff including those involved in children’s ministry and student ministry worship
  • Potentially oversee additional areas depending on skills and experience
  •  Lead Worship Ministry to function in a support and collaborative role to all other ministries of the church as needed
  • Work closely with the other staff in planning church-wide events and concerts
  • Collaborate with Service Planning staff to set and manage annual goals for the Service Planning channel
  • Oversee the budgets for Worship Ministry
  • Recruit and develop the necessary teams to carry out the worship activities of First Free Church, including leaders, vocalists, musicians, and choir for all ages
  • Disciple those serving in the worship ministry and teach leaders to disciple others
  • Other responsibilities and tasks as assigned by the Senior Pastor.
Worship Ministries
  • Collaborate with the Senior Pastor to plan worship gatherings that point people to Jesus and help them grow in their walk with God
  • Lead the Worship Leadership Team in creating worshipful, dynamic, and inviting atmospheres where people connect with God
  • Lead the worship community as a shepherd that cares about spiritual growth and a coach that equips and empowers others for ministry leadership
  • Oversee the resourcing of the band, vocalists, and choir with practice materials and learning opportunities
  • Select and prepare worship songs in collaboration with the Senior Pastor and Worship Leadership Team ensuring theological accuracy, singability, and quality of performance
  • Identify and develop potential worship leaders, vocalists, and musicians
  • Encourage and coordinate the development of worship proficiency in Kid Connection, Student Ministry, and all other ministries forming a leadership pipeline for the worship ministry
  • Develop creative opportunities for our church family and community to encounter God in worship on Sunday and throughout the week
  • Potential invitation to join the teaching team for the main worship services depending on teaching ability
Character and Commitment
  • Demonstrates a genuine love for the Lord and other people with an authentic, transparent, Christ-centered lifestyle.
  • Affirms and supports the First Free Church Statement of Faith and doctrinal positions.
  • Practices personal evangelism and disciple-making.
  • Has a strong relationship with God including regular time in Bible study and prayer.
  • Commitment to participate in a discipleship group at First Free Church.
  • Practices personal leadership, growth, and life-long learning especially in the areas of music and worship
  • Able to recruit, train, and develop volunteer teams and leadership teams
  • Shows tremendous initiative and self-motivation
  • Warm and personable demeanor that connects well with all kinds of people
  • Energetic and optimistic because of a personal daily walk with Jesus
  • A team player with a positive attitude who thrives in a collaborative environment
  • Commitment to faithful giving according to biblical principles
  • Commitment to follow the guidelines and policies outlined in the First Free Employee Guidebook.
Minimum Qualifications
  • A degree in music such as a BM, BME, BFA, worship, or a related field is desirable and a seminary degree is a bonus
  • Ability to be ordained or licensed in the Evangelical Free Church of America
  • High proficiency with Planning Center, ProPresenter, Ableton, and office software such as G Suite
  • Proficiency playing and teaching guitar or piano (preferably both)
  • Ability to lead and coach other vocalists and musicians
  • Ability to create, transpose, and arrange chord charts and vocal parts
  • Knowledge of and ability to lead and direct modern and traditional worship music
  • Experience in leading a large, multi-generational congregation in worship
  • Experience leading, training, and directing a diverse group of vocalists and musicians in a variety of musical genres and able to incorporate other art forms into services as needed

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