KC Camp Missions Project

Our mission for KC Camp isn’t just for campers to have an amazing week learning more about Jesus and making lasting memories with friends – we also want them to learn the importance of giving back and serving others! Campers will learn about a wonderful organization, Oasis International, that serves people from all over the world, right here in St. Louis. All of the money collected from our week-long “Coin Wars”, as well as the money collected through online donations, will go directly to Oasis to support their mission.


“Helping refugees resettle and thrive.”

They Are Fleeing War, Violence, And Political Unrest.

Resettlement to the United States is a long process that can take months, even years. Their journey is rarely easy, and when they do finally receive approval–that’s only the beginning. Then, they’re faced with the equally difficult task of getting their bearings in a brand new city. Here at Oasis International, we have spent the last 15 years partnering with businesses, churches, and individuals to love refugees–giving them the resources they need to have a fresh start. Together, we’re providing furniture, housing, clothing, English and citizenship classes, community events, and more.

“It’s not easy, but Oasis helps so much.”
Ahmed and Esraa, Iraq

How to give

Campers can bring in coins any day during the week of KC Camp, July 22-26.

You can also give online anytime between July 22-28!

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