Safety & Security

Our Safety Ministry’s mission is to provide an environment where our congregation can grow their faith through worship, teaching, study, prayer, and community without concern for their safety and security.  

Their guiding Distinctive Value is “Love Is a Verb”. We express love to our congregation through processes and procedures that enhance the safety and security of our facility and its occupants, and by being able to provide for the immediate physical safety needs during an emergency.



operations officer

Our Operations Officers monitor internal and external communication systems in order to coordinate response activities to emergencies that may occur during services.

Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT):

The MERT serves as primary responders to medical emergencies occurring during services in order to provide initial emergency medical care while awaiting the arrival of EMS.

Safety Team

Our Safety Team Members are experts in the execution of the church’s preparedness plan. Their role is to help lead the response should an emergency occur.

traffic safety team

Our Traffic Safety Team Members ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles in the parking lot, assist guests in finding available parking, and help prepare the congregation for worship through hospitality.



Erik Shirreffs
Safety Coordinator

Erik works with our Operations staff and an awesome team of volunteers to ensure the safety and security of our building and the lovely people inside.


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