What makes us different?

We have a set of core values as a church and as a staff that guide all of the ministry work that we do. Having these values helps keep us united even when we have differences of opinion. Being united is a stark contrast with today’s society and culture. 


We hope sharing these values gives you a taste of what we’re all about!

He’s not just the gateway to heaven, he’s the difference in our lives and our access to God’s kingdom now. Jesus is the difference between a life of guilt or grace. He’s the difference between a life of emptiness or fulfillment. He’s the difference between wandering and purpose. He’s the difference between discouragement and hope.

The only way to follow Jesus is by putting love in action. If we say we love God and others but do nothing as a result, we don’t really love.

We understand that God’s kingdom is made up of many diverse people and different cultures. We choose to unite around the most important beliefs and not divide over secondary issues.

The gospel came to you on its way to someone else. Every believer should learn to be a missional Christian, living out their faith in public and introducing people to Jesus wherever they are.

Groups are the hub for everything we do: community, care, service, and growing with God. God designed His children for close relationships with each other. We believe everyone in our church should belong to a group. Groups are a safe place for broken people.

We develop leaders who impact the world for Jesus in all walks of life. Everyone can grow to be a better leader. Leadership development is a lifelong process directed by a sovereign God. It happens both continually and episodically, often through challenges, and sometimes through training or trying leadership opportunities.

Why St. Louis?

St. Louis has a lot to offer!

We’re home to the Cardinals (MLB), Blues (NHL), St. Louis City SC (MLS), Battlehawks (XFL) and more!

Forest Park is the best city park in the USA and is home to our amazing (and free to visit) zoo, plus The Muny, Missouri History Museum, and the St. Louis Art Museum. Union Station is home to the St. Louis Aquarium, the St. Louis Wheel, a ropes course, mini golf, and more! 

We’ve got a National Park downtown, and state parks close by. Plus, the food in St. Louis is crazy good.

Come and check us out!


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