Recommended Apps

We’ve found a few apps that help with spiritual growth, learning more about the Bible or particular topics, Christian parenting, and help keep you connected with others at First Free Church.


It’s the Bible on your phone or device!

Every service we have notes and verse references in the app, so it’s easy to follow along.

Rightnow Media

RightNow Media is a HUGE faith-based streaming library with full of Bible studies, topical studies, conference sessions, and more!

And the best thing? First Free is giving you FREE access! Just click the button below or text FFC to 49775 to sign up!

Church Center

Church Center allows you to manage your profile information, any events you’ve registered for, your donations, and any groups you attend or lead.


Care Resources

If you need care, we’re here for you! We are actively seeking ways to help and bless our church and community throughout this pandemic.

We have resources for people in crisis, those who need help with practical needs, counseling, marriage / weddings, and more.


Discipleship Resources

Life Transformation Groups are weekly meetings of 2-3 people of the same gender for the purpose of helping one another grow as followers of Jesus.

The Pathway to Spiritual Growth is a resource for spiritually growing relationships either within or outside of the formal ministry programs of First Free.

Have questions about life? Difficult questions that you feel uncomfortable asking? This website is a safe place to explore questions about life and God.


Additional Resources


We have a wide variety of print, audio, and video materials for you to browse, including new releases and the latest topics. Our library staff is here to serve you. Don’t see a book or video you’re looking for? Make a request below.

The library is located on the east side of the sanctuary and is open on Sunday mornings. Stop by and take a look!


Do you need to change your name or address? Want to send an encouraging note to a friend, but don’t have their address?

Log into Church Center for easy access!

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