Student Ministry Resident

Student Ministry Resident

Our Student Ministry Resident strives to reach students for Christ while growing as a ministry leader. 


Job Description:

The staff of Student Ministries strives to reach as many students as possible with the gospel of Christ. Our team pursues excellence in everything we do, but seek to have a whole lot of fun together in the process.

The Student Ministries Resident is a full-time, hourly position that requires a willingness to learn, an openness to fail, and a desire to better understand one’s calling. The Student Ministries Programming Resident is part of the Student Ministries Team and reports directly to the Pastor of Family Ministries

  • Attend weekly meetings with coach to evaluate lifestyle and leadership disciplines.
  • Learn core leadership competencies such as time management, teachability, communication, influence, decision-making, etc.
  • Develop relationships with church congregation and immerse in First Free Church community.
  • Lead in various areas throughout student ministry over the course of Residency.
  • Oversee a ministry area by the end of the Residency.
  • Take initiative in areas of service with an eagerness to grow.
  • Seek feedback from ministry leaders on a regular basis.
  • Clarify God’s calling for ministry in your life and follow faithfully where He leads.
Character and Commitment
  • Demonstrates genuine love for Jesus, and delights in seeing students come to know him.
  • Champions the doctrine, mission, and vision of First Free Church.
  • Champions Student Ministries values.
  • Displays energy and optimism because of a personal daily walk with Jesus.
  • Regularly participates in an adult small group at the church.
  • Advocates for church leadership by communicating positive, Christ-centered vision to volunteers/students.
  • Committed to faithful giving according to biblical principles.
  • Committed to following the guidelines and policies outlined in the First Free Employee Guidebook.
Minimum Qualifications
  • Four-year college degree or greater.
  • Prefer a minimum of one year serving in student ministry contexts.

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