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Rooted is an experience that will give you the opportunity to connect with God, the church community, and your purpose in unexpected, life-changing ways. 

It’s more than just a small group – it helps you establish or strengthen rhythms that are essential to a healthy, growing relationship with God. This program is designed to give you a glimpse of your story and purpose in God’s story and plan.

Are you ready to reinvigorate your relationship with God and start living with purpose? 



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Rooted FAQs

Rooted is a discipleship experience designed to help you connect with God, the church, and your purpose. Rooted will help you understand the rhythms of following Jesus whether you have been following him for decades or are just starting to explore faith. It is a ten-week program that includes five days of devotional reading and a small group meeting each week. There are also additional outside experiences around prayer and service. After the completion of Rooted, all current Rooted groups come together for a fun celebration that includes worship, baptisms, and a message from one of our pastors.

Rooted groups typically kick off in January and September each year.

Absolutely. Rooted is for everyone!

Registration is easy! Once registration is open for the upcoming session, just click on the link at the bottom of this page and select which day and time you want and follow the steps to register. The cost is $25 per person which covers your workbook and food at the celebration.

Regular children’s programming is available during the Sunday morning group(s). Otherwise, it is on a group-by-group basis and noted in registration.

Each group will have a Prayer Experience around week 3 and a Serve Experience around weeks 6 or 7, outside of regular group time. These have consistently proven to be transformative experiences!

Some groups meet here at First Free Church in one of our classrooms. Some groups meet in individuals’ homes.

We understand that Rooted is a large time commitment, but we believe it is worth it to invest in the entire process. Participants are asked to attend as many weeks as possible in order to build group chemistry and get the full Rooted experience. If you know you are going to miss more than two meetings, we ask that you wait until the next session of Rooted.

You are not required to participate in the Rooted experience. However, we believe Rooted is a catalyst for life change and growth in your relationship with God no matter where you are in your journey with Him. Our hope is that everyone will want to make the decision to participate. Rooted is the preferred pathway to leadership at First Free and a step we desire everyone to take prior to joining an ongoing small group. We recommend you pray about when the time might be right for you. There is no rush. Rooted is here to stay.

Rooted is the on-ramp to groups at First Free. Our desire is that your Rooted group will transition into a small group at the end of the ten weeks. We strongly encourage everyone to go through Rooted before joining an ongoing group.

We believe that Rooted is such a life-changing experience and we want everyone to participate! We understand that the registration fee may be a burden for some. If you need financial assistance to participate in Rooted, please contact us at: We are happy to provide assistance.

Rooted facilitators get a front row seat to something remarkable–God transforming lives! Rooted facilitators must have graduated from Rooted and agree to participate in facilitator training. If you would like more information on how to become a Rooted facilitator please reach out to:

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