The Gathering

The Gathering is a place for college students, young adults, young marrieds, and single adults of all ages. We know that these groups sometimes struggle to connect with like-minded people in their stage of life in the church, and we want to be a place where they can find community with other Christians.



1st & 3rd Thursdays / 6:30 pm / Room 110

After we arrive and check-in, we enjoy a meal and get to know each other. We usually have a game or activity.

After the meal, we organize tables by stage of life, listen to a 15 minute talk, and have about 45 minutes of discussion time at our tables.

Afterward, most of us hang out for a while before wrapping up.

Pastor Adam is currently leading The Gathering.


  1. Find Community
    Connect with people in your stage of life who can relate to and support you with all the challenges and opportunities you face.

  2. Grow Your Faith
    Our talks and table conversations will be spiritual and should make you think and help you grow. However, this is not deep Bible study, intensive discipleship, or a theology course. We see this as the wide end of the funnel that can lead to more in-depth growth for those ready for it.

  3. Build Deeper Relationships
    This gathering should be a springboard to other activities and groups depending on each person’s unique needs and personal journey. New friendships, mentoring, deeper discipleship, service opportunities, small groups, and other great things could come from this gathering.


Feel free to reach out to Pastor Adam at

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