Rich Keffer

Rich Keffer

Vice Chairman


I was raised in a Bible-believing, church-attending (every time the doors were open), religious family, but I did not adopt my parents’ faith as my own until college. While attending Greenville University, I was confronted with my lack of a personal belief and relationship with God, and I accepted the grace of God shown through the death of Jesus on the cross, repenting of my sins and accepting Jesus as my personal savior.

Accepting Jesus personally began my journey of faith and growth that continues today. It would be nice if that journey were a straight path of drawing nearer to God, but my personal experience is that this journey takes many twists and turns. It has included times of deep Bible study and prayer. Times of growth through church attendance (yes, still almost every time the doors are open) and participation in various groups and ministries. Times of having my faith rocked. Times of walking closely with God. And, yes, times that the apostle John describes as being distracted by the things of this world (I John 2:16). For the last forty years, my journey has been closely tied to First Free Church in St. Louis, where I have had the opportunity to grow and serve God in many, many different roles. Today, I serve primarily in Kid Connection, MOPS, and Global Outreach.

By the grace of God, I will continue growing ever closer to him.




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